The Empire Strikes!

I stumbled onto this social platform just days ago when I saw the names of some of my favorite Network Marketing Gurus in it’s membership! (Thanks: Randy Gage, Art Jonak, and Orrin Woodward!)

At first blush….Empire.Kred looked like a glorified game that promised to steal precious time away from my IPA’s.   With the sound advice to “Kill Distractions” ringing in my ears….I took a day to explore and see why these well known leaders would be involved in what seemed to be a frivolous activity.

Good Move, Fieth!!!  I don’t always have good instincts…in fact…I’ve become a fairly good expert on Failing Forward as I re-invent my retirement ventures!   However, the goldmine here is…’s members!

Like many Network Marketing Professionals, I have struggled the past year to bridge the gap between my warm and cold markets….realizing that it takes time, creativity, and powerful intention to understand how to grow your network into a very large “Warm” entity!

Empire.Kred has everything I have been hoping for!  Although I don’t fully understand the ins and outs of using the platform to it’s full advantage…I have discovered something which is far more important to me;  and that is finding people who want to add value to others and will graciously appreciate your efforts to do the same!

I have watched with incredulous surprise while my “followers” “retweets” “friends” “engagement” “sharing” and all manner of desirable social media growth has erupted with a speed unlike any sort of marketing push I have tried to learn, comprehend, understand, and implement into my business.

While the learning curve is a bit of a struggle for me…I have had help at the drop of the hat, merely for the asking…..and not only that…but I’m making new friends by the hour who seem to genuinely support my success without attempting to suck me in to a game of dodge the lead capture funnels!  And I have been amazed at all the creative and inspirational intelligence out there!  Not to mention I think I’m finally starting to “get” Twitter and the wealth of growth it offers!

You owe it to yourself to join this group and see what’s possible!  I for one am beyond grateful for all my new friends and supporters and Empire Avenue.    Mention my name and they’ll give you a nice startup bonus to get you going!  Linda invited me!

I’ll be watching for you, ready to invest in your #empirekred #pendapalooza success!!!









Eyes for Abundance

I wish I knew whose photo this was…if you do..please let me know. I want to give credit where it’s due. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love that our planet has beauty and humor woven into so many creatures (humans included) and I’m grateful that there are those who adore and worship and capture it for the rest of us….sort of a wakeup call, don’t you think? Just when I think I couldn’t possibly see something more beautiful than ever…here it comes. That, to me…is ABUNDANCE….unlimited abundance. How could we not believe with ever fiber of our being that we weren’t meant to have and to appreciate it???
I am so very grateful that here are messengers out there to witness to us.
Oh…and I like that they are pink. Go figure. smile emoticon
Thank You, Lord
Shalom my Lovesflamingos

Silence of God

It’s the name of a song by Andrew Peterson.  You should look it up on Spotify.  I had just discovered it last week when sudden news from Paris left us all reeling, angry, confused, sad, and naturally prayerful.

And there you have it…that nagging question when the pain of losing that which is sacred is so intense you shake fists at the sky and wail, and pound your chest and yet the Author and the Redeemer and the Creator of All is silent.

In despair, there is great love.

In the mercies of strangers, there is great love.

In the prayers that seem to fall silent…stopped by the ceiling of anger and confusion…there is great love and in all the pain we turn to our Maker, and He is there.

Silent but with us…like those who sit without speaking so that we are not alone.  Silent like the friends who were sleeping while Jesus prayed, alone. Knowing full well He was preparing to purchase all the darkness and pain in the world..all of it..because of love.  And  God was silent.


This painting is not finished, not even close.  It probably won’t have an Eiffel Tower in it because Paris shares human tragedy all over the globe.

But it will have love in it.  I hope that’s what people will feel when they look at progress for Paris

On Considering Lilies

I think it’s appropriate to be thankful for my own state of being. I’m able to negotiate the ups and downs of daily life with minimum stress or worry. I can be resilient when things don’t go as planned, and I have learned to look for the positive side of all situations, even if they’re not necessarily stacked in my favor. I’m not boasting here….just feeling thankful. that is all. Good health and sound thinking are partners and I’m very thankful for that as well.
Because there’s nothing like the peace of knowing how to live in the spirit and letting go of everything else. As my bff’s like to say…”it doesn’t matter” about pretty much all of what we worry about in this world. We laugh(a lot), but we know. ..and I am thankful.
Thank You Rabboni
Shalom my Loves!1374911-bigthumbnail

Fallen Angel Pose

“Proof that even falling out of what you meant to do can be beautiful if you’re willing to change your mind.”   Cory Punto

I LOVE this thought…..even falling out of what you meant to do…..what a lovely and creative perspective. My art goes like this a lot…..actually my life goes like this a lot. I’m guessing I’m not alone on that one! LOL…..but the attitude? This lovely way of looking at it? Priceless!  Cory is my daughter btw.  I want to be like her when I grow up.


fallen angel