Silence of God

It’s the name of a song by Andrew Peterson.  You should look it up on Spotify.  I had just discovered it last week when sudden news from Paris left us all reeling, angry, confused, sad, and naturally prayerful.

And there you have it…that nagging question when the pain of losing that which is sacred is so intense you shake fists at the sky and wail, and pound your chest and yet the Author and the Redeemer and the Creator of All is silent.

In despair, there is great love.

In the mercies of strangers, there is great love.

In the prayers that seem to fall silent…stopped by the ceiling of anger and confusion…there is great love and in all the pain we turn to our Maker, and He is there.

Silent but with us…like those who sit without speaking so that we are not alone.  Silent like the friends who were sleeping while Jesus prayed, alone. Knowing full well He was preparing to purchase all the darkness and pain in the world..all of it..because of love.  And  God was silent.


This painting is not finished, not even close.  It probably won’t have an Eiffel Tower in it because Paris shares human tragedy all over the globe.

But it will have love in it.  I hope that’s what people will feel when they look at progress for Paris