Getting Started!

Hi and welcome!   My name is Linda Beth Fieth, aka. ElBee and I’m a full time RV-er and Entrepreneur.   My hope with this blog is to inspire, educate, and motivate you to live the life you deserve and have always dreamed of.  

You see, I never thought I would be able to travel the country at will and work from wherever I am.   The freedom has been the greatest blessing of this lifestyle, second only to all the wonderful friendships and support I have gained at each new camp.

If I’m being honest here….and that is my promise to my readers…..this life has been a huge adjustment with some fairly steep learning curves along the way.  The biggest lessons of all have come from within as I have learned what I am capable of and the personal growth I have experienced by kicking my way out of my box and challenging myself to be a better version of myself in every way.

The scenery from my home that many pay millions of real estate dollars to have is astounding!   I promise to share all of that here starting back with 20 months ago when I first left my home of 40 years and drove into the unknown.

Please forgive my awkwardness in organization and content in this new way of sharing my travels with all of you?

My content will be pretty random at first until I know what my readers are most interested in.   For now you will find tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, resources, photos and videos, and hopefully have a few laughs at my expense.   I will also put a good amount of focus on what I’ve learned about staying healthy and fit which is a profoundly important of living this life to the full.   Safety will be a huge factor as well.   So please bear with me as I stumble my way through organization of my blog content in an effort to bring you a clear and honest look at what the nomadic life can be!

For now…..see you down the road!!

Blessings,  ElBeeC239D027-59C8-48D1-812C-3FA7E0890A71



Silence of God

It’s the name of a song by Andrew Peterson.  You should look it up on Spotify.  I had just discovered it last week when sudden news from Paris left us all reeling, angry, confused, sad, and naturally prayerful.

And there you have it…that nagging question when the pain of losing that which is sacred is so intense you shake fists at the sky and wail, and pound your chest and yet the Author and the Redeemer and the Creator of All is silent.

In despair, there is great love.

In the mercies of strangers, there is great love.

In the prayers that seem to fall silent…stopped by the ceiling of anger and confusion…there is great love and in all the pain we turn to our Maker, and He is there.

Silent but with us…like those who sit without speaking so that we are not alone.  Silent like the friends who were sleeping while Jesus prayed, alone. Knowing full well He was preparing to purchase all the darkness and pain in the world..all of it..because of love.  And  God was silent.


This painting is not finished, not even close.  It probably won’t have an Eiffel Tower in it because Paris shares human tragedy all over the globe.

But it will have love in it.  I hope that’s what people will feel when they look at progress for Paris