Late Night Reflections…or Ramblings?

I am very thankful that there is always something new to learn, something enlightening to read, and something amazing to discover. I hope I never grow tired of exploring, contemplating, correcting, and understanding, and most of all….loving.
To truly love, it seems that you must often crack your head wide open and let some things go in order to let more in….so it can begin that journey to your heart. The discomfort of this process is the sharp edge that keeps us bright with life and in constant transformation.
IMG_0184My prayer is that I will always yield to the opportunity to see with new eyes, and hear with new clarity what God is teaching me. Thank you, My Rabboni
Shalom my Loves.

One comment on “Late Night Reflections…or Ramblings?

  1. Victor Ordu says:

    Indeed. We also need to grow out some of the stuff that’s already in our heads 😉

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