2016 Year of the Climb

It’s fascinating to me, that a year that has seemed frozen in time could suddenly come to a close of leaps and bounds forward!   Personal growth can be elusive that way…..its changes subtle…yet brilliantly clear.

I think a good comparison might be the way one walks from the bright sunlight into a dark room….stumbling and groping as pupils adjust.  But a better and more spiritual analogy would be much the opposite…as eyes  (and senses) long adjusted to the dark are suddenly exposed to light so bright, the glare obscures much of the new view until again, those pupils catch up.  Only then can we begin to discern the changes in our surroundings…….the produce of a gradual and often painful change in our activities and habits……our relationships and our attitudes.

The process sort of reminds me of driving through dense fog….knowing where you need to go…..but frequently gripped with fear when you simply cannot see what’s immediately in front of you.  It’s difficult to remind oneself….even with an impressive number of years into your life….the obvious truth that the fog always lifts sooner or later.   The fear of not being able to see around you is there whether you continue to drive or not. So drive you must. Where is that Faith…that like a muscle  not well exercised will fail you when you need it most?

So in this frozen year 2015….Fear might, at first blush, have hindered all chance of growth were it not for the fact that it sent me running for the shelter of my Heavenly Father to ask for help….over and over again and still ……the fog hung low and I couldn’t tell that I was moving at all.

I’m sure most of you know where the fog lifts and the bright sun breaks through….pupils adjust….and you see a new and different world and realize it’s not the world that has changed.   The fog lifts completely and unconditionally….and ONLY at the point of total surrender.   IMG_0187I feel the joy of my youth still unchanged in my heart….realizing the timelessness of growth and the absoluteness of perfect love.   I embrace 2016 with hallelujahs…and I am grateful beyond words.  Humbled and deeply grateful.   Thank You Rabboni.



Reflections from Christmas 2014

A dear friend and pastor posted this on her page this evening….I had forgotten about writing it.  So it’s still the Season for Pondering the Reason, right? ….It’s always the Season.

I have been thinking all day about my blessings and what I am thankful for. There are always things in church that speak to us where we are and that’s no accident. And occasionally there is such a profoundly applicable message to your life that you want to hang your head in humility, knowing that God is right beside you and completely gets what you need, and when you need it. Today, Rev. Chuck Shorrow (I call him Rev. Dad) delivered God’s message to us at the communion table. He was relaying a message given at some point by one of our elders at the table who said This Table is not about qualification, it is about mercy. Entitlement does not belong here regardless of one’s wealth, or elevated station and to follow that path can be very destructive to you. Mercy at that table is about all of us. And as I watched a beautiful video with Glenn’s moving solo I found myself wondering how many of us have ever really known a shepherd…been near one…even smelled one. Yet…who was there with the angels to welcome the Christ child? A poverty stricken couple who had no money and no place to stay and had to have been unspeakably overwhelmed at the task before them, endangered and outcast by their very own community of faith….and surrounded by the most lowly of community to welcome the most Holy. I had some tears over that one. It was very healing and humbling and it leaves me without words to adequately express my gratitude for God’s plan. The gift of a child who would free us from shame, darkness, desperation and teach us that every moment we can be made new again. And demonstrate it with his very life in the most agonizing and lonely circumstances of human condition. Unequivocal Compassion. Unequivocal strength demonstrated by the tenderness He held up to the flames. For me, you, a dirty shepherd, a wealthy Philistine, a successful business man, a homeless drug addict, a widow or divorcee, an abandoned and angry child, a ruthless criminal. All of us, unqualified yet shown mercy and welcome at the table. How do we thank You for this, Rabboni? The only answer is to love each other. period. Hold each other in high esteem for what God sees in us and not according to our own feeble standards. My heart is grateful.


Late Night Reflections…or Ramblings?

I am very thankful that there is always something new to learn, something enlightening to read, and something amazing to discover. I hope I never grow tired of exploring, contemplating, correcting, and understanding, and most of all….loving.
To truly love, it seems that you must often crack your head wide open and let some things go in order to let more in….so it can begin that journey to your heart. The discomfort of this process is the sharp edge that keeps us bright with life and in constant transformation.
IMG_0184My prayer is that I will always yield to the opportunity to see with new eyes, and hear with new clarity what God is teaching me. Thank you, My Rabboni
Shalom my Loves.