Another artist dialog.

I took an art class last week…..totally different style than mine, but I wanted the fresh thing to happen. It did. So for a day I stared at my smaller blank canvases……even set one on the easel and it was silent. Until this morning. Typically, I am very disciplined with my time. Friday mornings, I drive to Norman for Yoga with Cory…..I look forward to it all week. I also had a long list of things to accomplish for my Plexus team and to prepare for our weekly team dinner Friday evenings. But there sat that small blank canvas…… longer silent. There was no stopping the flow so about 7am it began…with a rough sketch that incorporated my style with some of the new techniques I had just learned. It went very quickly. By noon…teammates had started sending regrets for the meeting tonight so I cancelled it for the first time ever. Wow….continuing intensely on the painting…little accidents turned into things unplanned so although it was not a painting without intention….much of what developed was unintentional.
I acted quickly on spontaneous ideas………there was still freedom, but it’s like it wasn’t my freedom involved. Crazy right? So just after I finished the first layer of fixative I learned I had won a nice chunk of change in a Plexus team contest………within moments I posted my complete painting with title on my facebook art page and the title popped out. “Let Me Go” A very dear childhood friend messaged me immediately in dismay….until I explained it was only the sun, letting go of the day. The conversation that followed made it clear to me that I had been channeling this painting all day for someone she loves who is in the process of crossing over. The bird is my friend who needs to sit in the safety of the tree and peacefully watch the transition. Of course, I immediately gifted it to her and explained that I was carried through the entire day completely out of my normal MO to deliver that piece as a prayer for her. Before we ended that convo… Yogi daughter messaged¬†IMG_2270[1]me with questions about how I met her Dad and the amazing adventure it was back in 1972. I had told her of that summer and all the stories many times….but tonight for some reason, I remembered to tell her about the book I read that summer while two young hippies hitched all over the west in search of a mythical music festival. We decided we both needed to read it to take a peak back at Linda at 19…..and what was so powerfully relevant about that book at the time. The Book is Divine Right’s Trip. Amazon has it. I’m astounded and I know that in some way…my daughter, my muse and Yogi Empath was delivering more of the day’s message to me. So…although I already have the next painting pouring into my head………I have to read the book. It’s connected to my art in some way and when I read the book I know it will reveal where these paintings are coming from and where I will go next. My days aren’t always like this….and no I don’t smoke pot. I don’t like it. This is just what happens sometimes….God in His Heaven gets to drive because I let go of the wheel. It’s marvelous, really…..I need to remember that more often. Why do we not remember this every second of every day? Beth Honeycutt….if you’re out there……and I know you are………..are you in on this? Smiling.