“Annie sits you down to eat, she always makes you welcome in….”
Ladies of the Canyon~Joni Mitchell




“Trina Wears Her Wampum Beads, She Fills Her Drawing Book With Lines”…….
(From Ladies of the Canyon~ Joni Mitchell)

Ladies of the Canyon

I’m not quite sure where these ladies are coming from…..maybe Joni Mitchell is my muse. God knows I listened to enough of her songs in the 70’s.  I still have a ton of them on my Spotify “oldies” playlist and I frequently listen while I paint.  Dan Fogelberg is frequent along with many others on that same list…..that is, when I am not plugged into some creativity binaural beats sounds.  Ha!  But back to the Ladies of the Canyon.  I have no idea where there names are coming from, either.  Louise rode home on a mail train.  She is my favorite….and funny, but she’s the only painting I have published on my Facebook page:  Linda Beth Fieth Art….that didn’t get any likes.  The cardinal and quite a few others have some nice “viral” counts….but NOT  Louise.  Maybe she’s just too pathetic.  Maybe it’s her hair color.   I am quite intrigued by the eyes almost as if someone else painted them.  Do any of you artists out there ever do that?  Paint something and can’t stop looking at it?  Possibly there is a deep connection with your soul, or subconscious…or God….via your art.  Idk, OMG.  Sorry….   But I will post Angelica soon.  Angelica has gotten more likes so far this evening…more than 0, anyway.  I think it might be that she accidently resembles one of the Downton Abbey characters.  Yes, I’m hooked on the series, but I swear I was not thinking about it all when I painted Angelica.   Well this is just rambling, but I would appreciate your honest remarks.  These are just acrylics on small cards….6×8.  Didn’t take much time, but I’m intent on making them a series….Ladies of the Canyon.   I’m curious to see who my muse has in mind for next…..   As for Louise….too bad it ended this way.  Any one out there up for some late night ramblings?



Sip and Paint for Ground Hog haters

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I Hate GroundhogsEveryone’s doing it…..well….a LOT of people are doing it.  It’s the latest hot venue for date night, or girls’ night, or just any reason at all to go drink wine and release some creative energy…something you can take home, hang on your wall….and document all the attached memories.  Sounds great….always thought I would try it some time…..until someone approached me to actually teach a sip and paint class.  Really?????  ME??????  ok, why not?  Decent part time money, fun, social, easy….right?  I thought so until I began trying to paint a 16×20 to display for the sign up promotion.   Five paintings in 3 days…all 16×20 acrylic….and I still don’t know if I can do this!  The problem is, I can’t turn off my normal painting juices.  It’s like trying to crimp a fire hose once I get going.  I can’t give away my own personal techniques and stylization ….so……….just keep it simple and purty, right?  I’m at my wits end…..two or three of my “sip and paint” canvases are just not what I want to let go of to teach anyone and everyone.  I didn’t mean for that to happen….it just did….it still does….and I’m about to tear my hair out!

So…’s what I decided.  Just paint a damn picture,  that you wouldn’t normally paint  and if they like it, they’ll sign up….if they think it’s too hard, they will say so….and I can go on from there. Right?  Yes……I have Googled the whazoo out of this subject and still have no clue.  Expressionism seems to be appropriate since that’s all about emotions and NOT about realism…..very subjective and loose.  What better style to address with a glass of wine in hand for courage and inspiration?   Well….if anyone out there in WordPress land has some input or grand ideas for me…..let er rip! as they say….I’m all ears……….ummmmm  ears? hmmmm  no way. no. not gonna happen.   HELP!!!

BTW, the picture I’ve posted with this blurb is entitles “I Hate Groundhogs”